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accept-from-string within accept methods

    Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1992 22:11+0100
    From: Curt Eggemeyer <unido!!curt>

    I can't seem to get accept-from-string calls within my accept method to work
    in cases where I do a regular accept. 
    If I do an accept-from-string  call my accept method will work.
    It seems that there is a stream sharing going on between the accept method and my accept-from-string calls
    within it, because my accept-from-string always gets passed nil even though I
    am passing a substring of what I got from the read-token. How can one get around this problem?

You should really provide examples, otherwise it's hard to understand your problem.

(define-presentation-type foo ())

Do you mean sth like this(?):
(define-presentation-method accept ((type foo) stream view &key)
	(accept-from-string 'integer stream)
assuming always calling (accept-from-string 'foo "123456").
Even if this would work the way you expect, this is against the intention
of accept of working with all kinds of streams.

Probably you mean:
(define-presentation-method accept ((type foo) stream view &key)
	(accept-from-string 'integer (read-token stream))
which works fine for me (on Symbolics CLIM 1.1)

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