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Overlapping windows to CLIM application frameworks

I guess this is an "Am I mixing my user-interface metaphors?"
question, a question of how CLIM applications and overlapping windows
should coexist.

Typically, CLIM application frameworks appear on the screen as a
window with non-overlapping subordinate panes.  I think what I want to
do is add, to a CLIM application, dynamically created, persistent,
buryable overlapping windows; windows that are owned by the
application but that are not (visually) panes of the application's
main window. 

Specifically, I want to present a list of objects in one of the
application's panes. Each time one of the presentations objects is
selected, I want to create a new window displaying detailed attributes
of that object.  I want the freshly-created window not to occupy any
of the application frame's screen real estate (it's ok for the new
window to appear in front of the application frame, but it must be
relocatable and buryable) and I want it to persist until the user
explicitly kills it, and I want more than one instance of this type of
window to be able to coexist on the screen (i.e. I want the user to be
able to look at more than one object simultaneously).  I also want to
be able to display mouse-sensitive presentations in these new windows.

Mechanically, I can do all of this.  My question is whether it makes
sense from a consistent user inteface point of view, and, if it
doesn't, how people suggest dealing with this user interface task in
some other way.

I'd appreciate direct e-mail copies of any replies since I'm not sure
I'm properly wired up to the CLIM mailing list.

Thank you much.


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