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Overlapping windows to CLIM application frameworks

This seems like a computer-human interface question, not a CLIM question. That
said, let me also say that I'm not a chi-type, so the following is all

The technique is certainly not bad in and of itself (I'm using it myself), the
question is whether the control structure of the overall task your program is
accomplishing can be logically broken up into a collection of semi-independent
tasks: that is, when I'm looking at the information presented in the "new"
window is it self-contained or am I going to want to refer to information on
the "parent" frame? If the former, then I should think this technique is fine,
if the latter, I'd say it wasn't.

There's also a "navigation" issue - how important is it that the user be able
to quickly move amongst the various independent windows associated with the
application (including the main one) dictates how much effort you put into
providing that control. Depending on the underlying window system to be the
sole provider of that kind of navigational capability sounds like a bad idea
 - some window system make this fairly straight-forward to the novice, others


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