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Re: Overlapping windows to CLIM application frameworks

    Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1992 19:39 MEST
    From: Jeff Morrill <>


    It sounds like you are trying to implement the "desktop" metaphor.
    This makes a great deal of sense but it may be difficult for clim
    to deal with.

    I have tried implementing it as having a bunch
    of application frames that the user is free to bury, resize, reposition,
    and so on.  The frames are conceptually part of a single activity, and this
    causes some difficulty because it is not clear how they should all

That's exactly what we need, too. Can someone comment on how CLIM 2.0
will deal with this subject? Are those "frame-managers" the solution
that clim programmers are to  use/implement (without "multi-proceccing")?

    What a desktop metaphor needs is a single top-level loop for reading
    commands from any of several frames in the desktop.  It is possible
    to trick clim into doing this, but it is a bit of a kludge and
    requires getting your hands dirty with clim internals.

Can you provide some (example) code, as the documentation on how to
implement my own top-level loop seems to be too straight for my simple
The lisp listener from the examples also doesn't enlighten me too much
for this problem. 
Again, is there a chance that the functionality of this code will be
part of clim 2.0?

    Even so, clim's design makes this alternative difficult because
    you can't use *application-frame* anymore and because you have
    to keep track of all the frames on your desktop so that things like EXIT
    will do the right thing.  You also must redisplay frame panes
    manually since clim doesn`t know how.

    It is a little easier to associate each frame with its own process.
    Then clim works pretty good, but only because you have
    broken a single activity into artificially many activities.  The
    worst part about this alternative is that you have many input contexts,
    one for each frame, whereas there ought to be only one.

    The impression one gets from reading the clim documentation is that
    there must be a one-to-one correspondence between applications and
    frames.  If you can live with this assumption, then your life will
    be easier.  But I wish the assumption could be removed.

Thanks a lot - Stefan B.

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