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After various discussions with Scott McKay and Christopher Fry, I have
volunteered to be a librarian for CLIM utilities.

Steve Strassmann has agreed to dedicate some disk space for clim code.

Therefore, this first request:

If you have clim code that you would like to share, you can load it onto

Although this directory is under MCL2, it doesn't mean that the code is
specific to MCL (Macintosh CL).  Steve: would it be possible to move the
directory up to /pub/clim (or make some kind of logical link?).

This directory is intended to contain clim utilities (browsers,...),
clim example code and clim patches.

Since clim runs on unix, symbolics and mac machines, it is best not to
use compression formats when possible.

As a convention, I suggest that large portions of code be accompanied by
a read-me file:


Short contributions can include readme information in the header of the

Please mail for any suggestions or comments.


Have fun!

Keunen Vincent                  Network Research Belgium
R&D, Software Engineer          Parc Industriel des Hauts-Sarts                   2e Avenue, 65
tel: +32 41 407282              B-4040 Herstal
fax: +32 41 481170              BELGIUM

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