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problem with accept

   This is the code which seems to have a problem
    (defun menu (stream) 
      (accepting-values (stream :own-window t
                                :label "abc")
        (accept 'string :stream stream :prompt t)))

when I execute this I see the following problem.
  click on the string value to enter it
   start typing
     when you hit 35 characters or so--including the prompt-- the
      text wraps to the next line even though there is plenty of space to            the right.  In our full application we see that if the prompt is
      > 35 characters long the everything the user types appears on the
      next line.  We also see the "no" option from accept 'boolean
      appearing on the next line.  Am i doing something stupid or is
      this a real bug?  Thanks for any help


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