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Duplicate Nodes in Format-Graph-From-Roots (Allegro CLIM)

  Several weeks ago I had a problem with duplicate nodes appearing when I
was running format-graph-from-roots under Symbolics CLIM 1.1 with the
keyword option :merge-duplicates.  The problem was (as was explained to
me by Markus Fischer of Symbolics), that I wasn't aware of the 
undocumented keyword :duplicates-test that I needed to include.

  Using :duplicates-test #'equal worked fine on the Symbolics, but when
I ran the code on a SUN workstation under Allegro CLIM I now get the
duplicate nodes again!  Did Allegro implement this functionality of
format-graph-from-roots differently?

  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

  Richard Hull
  University of Central Florida
  AI Labs

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