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Re: Tracking pointers...

   Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1992 10:32-0400
   From: Scott McKay <>

       Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1992 17:11 EDT
       From: Jeff Close <>

       I have a problem involving CLIM:Tracking-Pointer.  I want to be able
       to track the pointer out of one pane of a frame and across other
       panes, and know what pane it currently rests in.  Does any one have
       any ideas on how I can manage that?  Thanks much for any suggestions.

   Does :MULTIPLE-WINDOW T not work?


Thanks for your response.  I thought it would, but what I've
discovered has turned what I thought would be a simple tracking
routine into a total mess.  I can't tell that :multiple-window T

Here's what I've done: the mult. win keyword, track the pointer, and
wait for :pointer-motion to redraw a picture, I would think that the
window argument to :pointer-motion would refer to the window (pane, in
a frame) that the mouse currently sits on, and therefore that drawing
to this window would draw the picture following the pointer as it
moves into different panes.  BUT... it merely draws into the original
pane, which is overlapped by the neighboring panes once the pointer
goes beyond that pane's borders.

Has anyone used :multiple-window succesfully?


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