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help for editing text.


I have some problems involving the following:

1. 	If I try to accept a string that has some contents in it 
	like "default". It seems impossible to edit that. Instead I have always to retype the
	complete former input. I may use the default presentation, but if I like to make minor 
	changes, like corrections, I have to retype the input. Can somebody give me an example how 
	to re-edit strings?

2.	I would like to have a little text editor, so I can accept a few (more than
	one) line of text. I think that question is somewhat connected with 1.

3.	It would be great, if that more than one line editing could be extended to

I tried a little with clim:with-input-editing, but I didn`t get propper results.
I am working on SUN sparc2 with clim 1.0 and allegro 4.0. 


Ralph Hensel                            
German National Research Center for Computer Science (GMD-FIT.KI)
P.O. Box 1316, D-5205 Sankt Augustin, Germany fax:+49-2241-14-2889 phone:+49-2241-14-1


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