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QUESTION about presentation type inheritance and command-traanslators

I've got some CLOS classes with analogous presentation types.  The
presentation types are defined with the basic defaults (no-options).
Suppose CLOS Class-A has subtype CLOS Class-B, and both have
presentation types of the same name.  

The question:  I'd like to define presentation-to-command translators
for both classes with the gesture :select, but to different commands,
i.e., the subclasses and presentation subtypes would get a different
command translated with :select.  It seems to be seeing only the more
basic type translator first, such that the Pres-Type-A command always
gets run.  Is this the appropriate place to use a more specific
tester?  Or where should I be specializing the translator so that the
new command applies to the more specialized objects?

Thanks for any thoughts.  On anything.  Perot.  The weather.  Ren and
Stimpy.  Anything.

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