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event lookahead

    Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1992 08:39 EDT

    Hi, I'm making a window editor and want to process as many keyboard
    events as possible before refreshing the screen.

    When I get a keyboard event (using tracking-pointer), I first update
    the internal editor representation, then try to refresh as little as
    possible of the screen. Since this takes a long time, there might be
    several keyboard events waiting each time and I would like to process
    them all before the next refresh. I need something like
    get-all-keyboard-events-from-event-queue, perhaps using read-gesture
    with zero timeout?

    Any hints?

I should thing that doing the following will work:

  (read-gesture :stream <stream> :timeout 0 :peek-p t)

Have you tried it and not succeeded?


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