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CLIM windows and xlib resources

    Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1992 10:46 EDT
    From: Jeff Morrill <jmorrill@BBN.COM>

    Those of you using CLIM 1.1 under X Windows may be interested in this.

    After making a frame but before calling clim:run-frame-top-level to
    expose it, it is useful to perform the following operation on the frame:

    (let ((xwin (slot-value (clim:frame-top-level-window frame) 'clim::window)))
       (xlib:set-wm-class xwin "clim" "clim"))

    1.  The UNIX command xprop may finally be used to see that indeed it is
	a clim window.

    2.  One may add lines to a resources file (such as .Xdefaults) to control
	what the window manager does with clim windows:

	olwm.MinimalDecor: clim

    3.  Having a WM_CLASS attribute, it is easy to write standard XLIB
	calls in C that do interesting things to CLIM windows.  We have
	one that changes the mouse cursor of clim windows to a wristwatch
	during GC operations.


    jeff morrill

    p.s. Can the CLIM developers add this in for the next release?

Done in CLIM 2.0


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