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selective accept

Just a couple of quick ideas, 'cause I'm not sure I exactly understand your
problem:  what about defining a tester for the translator? Alternatively, (and
this is where I'm not sure I understand your problem), create a new
presentation type which inherits from your present one and create translators
for that new type:

(define-presentation-type 1button 0(button-type) :options (aspect)
  "Buttons display some representation of an object
   and associate behavior with it.
   button-type ::= [ link | aspect | user-type | set | control ]
   aspect ::= [ text | graphic | video ]")

(define-presentation-type 1hyperobject-link-button 0() :options (link-aspect)
			  :inherit-from `((button link) :aspect ,link-aspect))

Also don't forget that you've got to define a presentation-subtypep method for
parameterized presentation-types (sec. 17.6.2, p. 170 Symbolics CLIM).


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