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Tutorial Problems for CLIM updated to 2.0

I have been trying to work through some example code shown in papers by ILA,
and tutorials given by Franz. These were written over a year ago in some cases
2 or more years ago. I am not having an easy time with any of this older code
on version 2.0.alpha. Are you aware of any simple short 2.0 compatible example
code that would be likely to work on 2.0.alpha. For tutorial purposes, much of
the code presented in the CLIM demos distributed with 2.0.alpha is too complex.
(also, it is very easy to hang up the entire system when working with some of 
these examples)
In lieu of any tutorial code, do you know of any tutorial printed matter, that
is compatible with 2.0.  It is very difficult to get started with the 2.0 CLIM
specification, because it obviously was not intended to be tutorial in nature,
and because there are hidden pitfalls in the alpha implementation.

Any suggestions?

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				    System Development
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