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presentation-translator question

I have defined my own presentation type in which I added my own accept and
present methods (which are too long to include here, but work fine)
that may utilize additional keyword options (below).

(define-presentation-type time
  (&key (minimum nil) (maximum nil) (window nil) (io-type nil) (sync-to nil)))

I have also defined a presentation translator (below)

(define-presentation-translator blank-time
   (blank-area time my-applic :gesture :left :pointer-documentation "time")
   (+ (Display-Frame-Start *my-app*) (truncate (- x *legend-border*)
					       (pixel-per-time *my-app*))))

All of which works fine.

Except if I do something like:

(accept '(time :minimum 20 :maximum 100) :stream *interactor-stream*) and
click somewhere on my display-frame, the translator will even accept those
time points outside of my range.  How does one handle user-added keyword
options to their presentation types within the define-presentation-translator
context?  Is there a way I can grab them and utilize it within the :tester
function for the translator?  Any examples?

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