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[spr6315] menu-choose inside an accept-values-command-button

This is in response to a reply from Franz to a request for help with an
CLIM error message.  You can skip to the code at the end and not lose
anything important.

| > I get the following error message.
| > 
| >   Error: The unique-id (:BUTTON "") was used in more than one UPDATING-OUTPUT at the same level.
| This probably is happening because you have two accepts or
| accept-values-command-buttons that accepting-values cannot tell apart.  IE:
| they have the same query-identifier.  Every accept must have a unique
| query-identifier.
| The query-identifier, if not specified for each accept or accept-values-command-
| button, is gotten from the prompt.  So if you have two accepts with the
| same prompt, you'll need to supply explicit :query-identifier arguments
| so that accepting-values can tell them apart.
| Let us know if this doesn't solve the problem for you.
| 	-- John

This doesn't solve my problem.  Here is some example code that generates
the error message.

 (defun test (Ttl)
    (accept-values-command-button (W)

Generate a window W.  Then:

 (accepting-values (W)
	(window-clear W)
	(test 1)
	(test 2))

-- Russ Abbott


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