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Re: DW->CLIM question

   Date: Thu, 13 Aug 92 20:23:05 EDT
   From: Jim Sims <>

    How to get rid of the original presentation
    How to replace it with a new presentation (somewhere else) inside that
    translation (a define-presentation-action) since, apparently like DW,
    presentations are disabled inside translators. In DW, the way to handle
    this (at least I did) was to use:
	 ;;Output recording is disabled inside translators.
	 ;;(scl:send window :with-normal-presentation-state  
	 ;;	#'(lambda() (update-slider s window))))


I believe you need to use clim:erase-output-record to get rid of the
original presentation.  Replace it within the pres-action using
dragging-output-record, dragging-output, or by erasing and recreating
the presentation, if you're just using tracking-pointer.  Be VERY
careful with variable-name choices within these macros, since they are
implemented such that your own variables, including slot names, may be
masked (I found this recently).  Hope this helps.



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