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DW->CLIM question

 I have an implemenation of sliders used to set global values, that are
linked together by arbitrary formulae. In my old DW code, I used a
presentation action to call a method so that while the user held down the
left button, the "knob" of the slider would track the mouse up and down,
setting the value of the affected variable (and all the others linked to it
by formulae).

 It seems to work OK under CLIM, except that new presentations dont get
drawn for the "knob". Under DW, I used the following snippet inside the
method that tracks the mouse motion. How do I get the effect of the
:with-normal-presentation-state in CLIM?

		      ;;Output recording is disabled inside translators.
		      ;;(scl:send window :with-normal-presentation-state
		      ;;	#'(lambda() (update-slider s window))))

Also, the old (original) presentation seems to no longer exist either... Do
I need to do something like remove-output-record on it to get rid of it or
is it really gone?



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