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   Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1992 15:49:17 -0500
   From: (Bill St. Clair)

   >>There is a fully functional demo version of CLIM 1.0 (binaries)
   >>on the MCL 2.0 CD-ROM - maybe this will be helpful in the interim.
   >Sadly ;-) this is a true demo version and not fully functional.
   >These guys want to sell CLIM. Macros like DEFINE-APPLICATION-FRAME
   >or DEFINE-PRESENTATION-METHOD are not working.

   You might try asking about CLIM for MCL 2.0 on the main CLIM mailing list:

When is a new CLIM upgrade for MCL(final) available? The delivery
strategy for CLIM is confusing - the MCL documentation contains a
reference to Lucid - I have bought CLIM from ILA and think that ILA
has to deliver the upgrade. 



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