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Repairing damaged application panes

We've got an application frame with several graphics panes whose :RECORD-P
and :INCREMENTAL-REDISPLAY are both NIL (since the overhead in going
through output recording is currently soooooo slow that it's actually
faster to redraw everything every refresh cycle).

Unfortunately, when the application frame is obscured or iconified and
subsequently re-exposed, these panes are not refreshed correctly.  Similar
problems also result from changing configurations---panes are not always
redrawn in the new configuration.

So, does anyone know why my display-function isn't being called as part of
the exposure event handling, or what the appropriate approach should be?

pete halverson

p.s. As a quick hack, I tried setf'ing XLIB:WINDOW-BACKING-STORE of the
frame's XLIB window to :ALWAYS before mapping, but to no avail.  It
wouldn't have been a robust fix anyway, since it's only a suggested


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