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Problem to print from one application into other applications

    Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1992 05:49 EDT
    From: Bernd Wild <>


    I want print inside one application into a window of another

    If I send an output to a window of the other application,
    the output is shown on this window correctly but the receiving  
    application dies at this moment (i.e. no further mouse-interactions  
    are possible).

    Is there any trick to restart the application or to allow such output  


CLIM does not presently have any locks associated with output histories,
so multiple processes doing output into one window can damage CLIM's
datastructures.  You should do this locking yourself.

    - Symbolics Ivory, Genera 8.1, CLIM 1.1.
    - Every application has its own root-window because all of them 
      have to be active simultaneously.

This should not require multiple root windows.

    - my function
      (define-command test (com-test :menu test) ()
	 (let ((output *standard-output*))
	    (setf output (get-frame-pane *another-application*   
	    (describe xyz)
	    (setf *standard-output* output)))

    Bernd Wild

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