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Problem to print from one application into other applications


I want print inside one application into a window of another

If I send an output to a window of the other application,
the output is shown on this window correctly but the receiving  
application dies at this moment (i.e. no further mouse-interactions  
are possible).

Is there any trick to restart the application or to allow such output  


- Symbolics Ivory, Genera 8.1, CLIM 1.1.
- Every application has its own root-window because all of them 

  have to be active simultaneously.
- my function
  (define-command test (com-test :menu test) ()
     (let ((output *standard-output*))
	(setf output (get-frame-pane *another-application*   
	(describe xyz)
	(setf *standard-output* output)))

Bernd Wild

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