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Re: accepting-values and exit-boxes

  Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1992 15:47-0400
  From: Scott McKay <>
  Subject: accepting-values and exit-boxes
  To:, clim@BBN.COM
      Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1992 19:19 EDT
      From: Clinton Hyde <>
      is Accepting-values only allowed to have the two exit-boxes :exit and
      I'd really like to have three, and attach some behavior to them.
  CLIM 2.0 allows you to extend the types of exit boxes.  The typical
  types are :exit, :abort, and :help.

Can you elaborate a bit?  For example, I can imagine wanting to:
 1.  have just one choice, :exit
 2.  associate an arbitrary function call with an exit button
     (I presume that's what :help would do, rather than being a true "exit" button)
 3.  associate a drawing function, rather than a string name, with an exit button,
     so that the button is graphical rather than textual
 4.  assign the button a pointer documentation string
 5.  put the buttons somewhere else besides the bottom (yikes!)

 6.  I would also like to make the kind of dialog box that is merely a couple
     of exit boxes, as in:

     Wait!  You are about to cause a nuclear meltdown.  Do it anyway?
     OK  Cancel

     And have the #\Return character activate a default choice.  I don't
     know if accepting values is the right way to do this or not.

jeff morrill

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