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accepting-values and exit-boxes Sender: jmorrill@BBN.COM Reply-To: jmorrill@BBN.COM Date: Mon, 24 Aug 92 17:21:51 -0400 From: Jeff Morrill <jmorrill@BBN.COM>

     Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1992 15:47-0400
     From: Scott McKay <>
     Subject: accepting-values and exit-boxes
     To:, clim@BBN.COM

	 Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1992 19:19 EDT
	 From: Clinton Hyde <>

	 is Accepting-values only allowed to have the two exit-boxes :exit and

	 I'd really like to have three, and attach some behavior to them.

     CLIM 2.0 allows you to extend the types of exit boxes.  The typical
     types are :exit, :abort, and :help.

   Can you elaborate a bit?  For example, I can imagine wanting to:
    1.  have just one choice, :exit
    2.  associate an arbitrary function call with an exit button
	(I presume that's what :help would do, rather than being a true "exit" button)
    3.  associate a drawing function, rather than a string name, with an exit button,
	so that the button is graphical rather than textual
    4.  assign the button a pointer documentation string
    5.  put the buttons somewhere else besides the bottom (yikes!)

    6.  I would also like to make the kind of dialog box that is merely a couple
	of exit boxes, as in:

	Wait!  You are about to cause a nuclear meltdown.  Do it anyway?
	OK  Cancel

	And have the #\Return character activate a default choice.  I don't
	know if accepting values is the right way to do this or not.

   jeff morrill

For what it's worth, I'm using CLIM 2.0 alpha from Franz, and I've
been avoiding the use of ACCEPTING-VALUES and instead explicitly
defining button panes with the appropriate callbacks in the
application frame definition.

As for number 6 above, I'm using NOTIFY-USER as a confirmation dialog,
even though it's not exactly documented for that:

(defmethod quit ((frame collage))
  (when (notify-user frame "Do you really want to quit this session?"
		     :title "Confirm")
    (mp:process-kill (collage-process frame))
    (kill-displays frame)
    (setf *collage-frame* nil)
    (frame-exit frame)))

Phil Chu
Artificial Intelligence Research Branch
NASA Ames Research Center


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