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DW->CLIM question

Thanks for the speedy (after you returned; how was the trip?) reply...

 I was wondering if you can easily tell a bit more about the 'new, native'
 sliders for 2.0. THe sliders I have a re very general, and have a coupla
 features that I kinda doubt the CLIM sliders will have. So, I'm wondering
 if I should fix mine or try to use the CLIM 2.0 ones:

 Each slider has:

 an associated global variable name that gets set by manipulating the slider

 an associated equations, that may link it to other variables and/or sliders

 upper and lower limits (that are dynamic)

 potential to have a finitie set of discrete values (which need not be numbers)

 arbitrary setup fn to be called when it's created

 Changing a slider value:

 updates the global variable

 propagates changes to other sliders via any mention of the (first)
 slider's associated variable in the equations of the other sliders

 rescales the axes if the min and max for the slider weren't already the
 min and max associated with it's drawn representation

 redraws the value underneath the slider

 and there's probably a coupla things I left out...


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