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presentations outside of frame panes

   Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1992 10:59-0700
   From: Jefferson DeLisio <>

   I would like to pop up a temporary window over one of my application
   frame panes and display active presentations associated with that frame.

   I tried this once in the past with no success - i.e. the presentations
   were not mouse-sensitive - and resorted to using TRACKING-POINTER.
   Now I really need the functionality of a large set of my presentations
   and don't wish to duplicate the effort. 

I think that all you have to do is to set the input-buffer of the
newly-created window to be the same as one of the frame's panes.  That

   (setf (stream-input-buffer new-win)
	 (stream-input-buffer (get-frame-pane frame 'foo)))

This will allow the new window to participate in presentation
sensitivity and selection just as if it were one of the panes.


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