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Re: accepting-values pane (CLIM 1.1 Genera 8.2)

    Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1992 12:53 EDT
    From: Jeff Close <>

       We're having difficulty with accepting-values panes...

    Boy, does this describe my recent experience with them.  I have had
    problems with what Don describes, as well as the following:

    When a value is entered into an AV field that is the wrong type, the
    error message scrolls across the AV window and covers it with garbage,
    making both the error message and the original field labels
    unreadable.  What can I do to prevent this?

This is fixed in CLIM 2.0.

    Also, what can I use to make both the default AND the description of
    the type to appear?  I want the default, but I still want the helpful
    "a string" or whatever to appear.

I don't think there is any way to do this, if want you are asking is
what I think it is.  I will investigate.


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