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   Date: Fri, 28 Aug 92 08:21:45 EDT
   From: (Gregory M. Whittaker)


   I've downloaded your contributions, but do not have BinHex 4.0. Can you describe
   its functionality. The .hqx file looks like its been uucp'd. If there isn't a
   standard decompression sequence could you inform me of the whereabouts of BinHex

    Gregory M. Whittaker,		 The MITRE Corporation
				    Center for Advanced Aviation 
				       System Development
   Internet:	 7525 Colshire Drive 
      Phone: (703) 883-5549	 McLean Virginia 22102-3481
	FAX: (703) 883-1226	 Mail Stop: W215      

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the file is "chooser.lisp", not the
.hqx file.

Phil Chu
Artificial Intelligence Research Branch
NASA Ames Research Center

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