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Why don't you use the CTV-MENU package (info below)? There are some pretty
useful functions in it... It's obtainable by anonymous ftp from in the
directory /pub/pkarp/lisp/ctv-menu/.




;;;;            CLIM Emulation of Symbolics Menu Functions
;;;;  This package emulates a number of Symbolics menu functions from the TV:
;;;;  package to faciliate porting of Symbolics code to CLIM.  Wherever possible
;;;;  the original parameters and parameter formats have been maintained.  In
;;;;  some cases, additional parameters have been added to enhance a particular
;;;;  function.
;;;;  Authors:
;;;;    Peter Karp
;;;;    Mabry Tyson
;;;;    David Wilkins
;;;;    Scott McKay
;;;;  Please report bugs, bug fixes, and enhancements to Peter Karp
;;;;  --
;;;;  You are free to copy and redistribute this code, but anyone receiving
;;;;  this code from a source other than SRI should report bugs to that source.
;;;;  This is not supported software -- use at your own risk.  SRI
;;;;  International does not warrant the performance or results that may be
;;;;  obtained by using this software.  SRI International disclaims all
;;;;  warranties as to performance or fitness of this software for any
;;;;  particular purpose.


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