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    Subject: contents of clim-library as of 92/09/09

    Dear Mr Keunen,

    thanks a lot for your work on the CLIM archive. I just received your message
    on the actual contents of the archive. Looking at the 'chooser.lisp' directory
    entry, I remember that it only runs with CLIM 2.0. I think that somewhere it
    should be said that some of the software (ctv-menus, for example) is running 
    with 1.1 and that chooser requires 2.0. Perhaps by introducing subdirectories
    clim-1.1 and clim-2.0? At least in the README.clim-library there should be some
    information about the CLIM version the respective software requires. 

    Thank you again for the maintenance of the archive!

    All the best,

    Oliver Christ, Student of Computer Science at the
    University of Stuttgart, Germany

Following this suggestion of Oli, the library has been rearranged in two
folders (clim-1 and clim-2).  Please specify in the abstracts file which
version of clim is required for your contribution.



Keunen Vincent                  Network Research Belgium
R&D, Software Engineer          Parc Industriel des Hauts-Sarts                   2e Avenue, 65
tel: +32 41 407282              B-4040 Herstal
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