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Re: The cost of CLIM and its future

> I don't understand how I should reconcile the two statements "stuffing
> yet another Lisp window system down the users' throats" and "only a
> couple of people even asked if we implemented it." 

They represent two different points on a timeline. The marketing types
said that users really should buy CLIM (statement # 1), and the users
said "no thanks" (statement #2). Interest in CLIM was high 2 years ago, and
very low now.

> Believe me, the
> original ILA effort started precisely because users wanted a facility
> which allowed for the delivery of Lisp applications, with user
> interface, across all Lisp platforms.

I don't disagree with this being ILA's motive at the start, but the reality
is that now it's virtually impossible for any company other than the original
5 to get on the bandwagon. 

> I know we can't expect sympathy, but can we get suggestions?  Can you
> suggest something on the market which addresses the Symbolics -> MCL
> -> Lucid -> Franz -> Harlequin portability issue?  

In the current state, it's locked into those 5 companies. What about -> Ibuki
-> Gold Hill -> Top Level  -> Venue -> etc. *That's* my point. It's effectively
raised the entry point into the Lisp market by a couple of manyears of effort.
Heck, Franz doesn't even implement it across all their platforms. 


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