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Re; The cost of CLIM and its future

   Date: Fri, 18 Sep 92 16:34:57 EDT
   From: Mahmoud Habboub <>

   I own MCL and would love to have clim 2.0 with its mac look and feel.
   I got realy excited when i heard about clim, until i heard the price
   ($1000).   I don't expect clim to be free, but for clim to succeed it have
   to be widely available.  And i don't mean by this to companies,
   goverment agencies and educational institutions, but to regular
   peaple.  Regular people in these hard times can't pay $1000.

   Here is my suggestion:  Sell clim for $200 and a lot more people will be
   able to aford it.

The MCL version of CLIM 1 is $495.  This is not $200, but it's not
$1000 either...



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