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CLIM 1.1: open-root-window

[CLIM 1.1 Questions]

1) What is the reason that the window system type (:clx, :mcl, :sheet...)  has
to be passed to clim:open-root-window? The respective CLIM-implementation the
application is running in is platform-specific, so that the window system is
determined by CLIM (I can't open a :mcl root window while running Franz'
CLIM with X...). The argument seems to be redundant in my eyes. In CLX,
open-root-window should take the shell's DISPLAY environment variable as a
default for the :host argument.

2) I can't find a way to interrupt an evaluation running in a CLIM pane [on
Allegro/SPARC w/ CLIM 1.1] -- C-z or C-c in the pane has no effect until CLIM
does an explicit read-gesture. In the CLIM Lisp Listener Demo, an infinite loop
can't be interrupted in the pane. Why? In my eyes, this is a severe problem of
CLIM -- is it an Allegro specific (Scott McKay has mentioned that it works on
Genera)? Of course I can interrupt the lisp interpreter, but this is no



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