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    Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1992 08:07 EDT
    From: "F. Plassmeier" <fplass%caesar.uucp@BBN.COM>

    John C. Mallery writes [among other things]:

     7) BETTER INTEGRATION: In Genera 8.1.1, CLIM remains poorly integrated.  Thus,
     one cannot use, for example presentation types or text styles outside CLIM,
     say in the editor. (I have a different large system which would suffer by
     conversion to CLIM because it would no longer operate seamlessly in the
     editor.  This brings me to the point that it would be desirable to have some
     general-purpose facilities written in CL using CLIM.  The first on my list is
     an Emacs or ZMACS-like editor -- or better yet, a hypertext system + mail
     reader.  While we're at it, what about debugger interfaces?

    I'd like to support this view and to add that when NOT using Genera, an
    integrated, extensible and customizable editor is often missing.  Although
    using Emacs on UNIX workstations may be an alternative [which has been
    choosen by several Lisp Vendors for their development environments], the
    impact on portability and difficulties with the integration are important
    arguments against this approach.

If anyone volunteers to write and make publicly available such an editor
using CLIM, I would be glad to offer my advice.  Or if somebody wants to
fund such a project (minimum funding = 1 man-year), that would be fine
with me, too.  Otherwise, such wishing is nothing but wishing.

    Tools going beyond text editing [such as hypertext systems] could also 
    significantly facilitate application development.

    Kind regards,

    Frank Plassmeier


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