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Re: help for editing text.

    Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1992 13:12 EDT
    From: Jeff Morrill <jmorrill@BBN.COM>

      Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1992 12:02-0400
      From: Scott McKay <>
	  Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1992 09:22 EDT
	  From: Jeff Morrill <jmorrill@BBN.COM>
	  I was trying to modify your code below to accept multi-line input.
	  In theory, changing the activation character from #\newline to
	  something like #\control-d should work, right?  Well, it let
	  me enter multiple lines, but control-d was ignored.  Any clues?
      This works for me in CLIM 2.0.  It should be easy for you to hack it
      for CLIM 1.1 (I hope!)

    Well, this is essentially the same as the code that jga posted, though
    some kludgery that was necessary for clim 1 appears unnecessary for clim 2
    (yeah!).  I have not seen this before:

      (with-activation-gestures ('(:end) :override t)

    What is the :END gesture?  I don't have one of those on my keyboard.

The :END gesture is the "logical" name for whatever corresponds to a
logical "end of dingus" on the port you are using.  On Genera, that's
#\End.  Who knows what it is under anything else...

    I noticed after I sent my message, however, that this works (in part):

      (with-activation-characters ('(#\control-d #\control-\d) :override t)

    Although control-d does not activate, control-shift-d does.

    I guess my real question was: why doesn't control-d work as an activation
    character in clim 1.1?  

Beats me.
			    My theory is that you can't use characters that
    are also input editor command accelerators.

Yes, that is true.  CLIM looks for input editor commands before it looks
for other gesures.

    I hope that clim 2 does not exhibit this problem.
    I don't want a clim 1 bug fix because I have my workaround now.


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