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contributions to the library

There's been a lot of small portions of code exchanged recently (pop-up
notes,...).  I think these are good candidates for contributions to the
clim-library.  You don't need to have a full blown application with lots
of bells and whistles before daring to post it.  Small contributions
would also be most welcome, I believe.  Actually, it is even more in the
spirit of a library: very small files implementing one small extension
each.  If the name of the file is clear, many people will be able to use
your code (and maybe improve on it, so you'll get feedback on your stuff

If some of you feel it's too much of a hassle to ftp these small files,
just send them to me (email) and I'll copy them to the library.

Thanks to all for contributing.  The library is slowly but surely


Here is a small reminder:

  General information about the clim-library:
  The clim-library is a repository for user contributed code for the clim
  environment.  CLIM is "Common Lisp Interface Manager", the standard
  being developed and supported by most lisp providers (Symbolics, Lucid,
  Franz, Harlequin, Apple,...).
  Access is available to anyone by anonymous ftp.  Ask your system manager
  if you don't know how to ftp from your machine.  Do a ftp to (, enter "anonymous" as user-id, then
  <your-name>@<your-host.domain> as the password.
  Use the ftp "cd pub/clim" command to change to the correct directory and
  try "dir" to see the directory. (use "help" to see other ftp commands)
  To get files use the ftp "get" command, to put your files on the server,
  use "put".


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