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Bug with ctv::multiple-choose under Genera 8.1.1

   Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1992 19:09:55 +0100
   From: Schneider Daniel <>

   I encounterd a bug with P.Karp's multiple-choose code after having
   installed Genera 8.1.1 with CLIM 28.5. I have used the code below
   with the latest version of ctv-menu.lisp available. It runs fine under Allegro
   (Clim 1.1). Does somebody happen to have a fix for that problem ?

   When I execute the (test) function from the Genera lisp listener, there
   is no problem, the error happens only when I launch (test) from an
   application, i.e. the function breaks when I move the cursor over a multi-choice

The problem seems to be that the PRESENT method for the CHECK-BOX
presentation type uses STREAM-CURSOR-POSITION*.  In Genera, when you
move the mouse over a presentation an attempt is made to update the
mouse documentation line.  The doc string is built by calling PRESENT
on a string stream, which doesn't support STREAM-CURSOR-POSITION*.
You don't get this error on other platforms 'cause the don't have
full-time mouse documentation displays.

As to a fix, well, I don't have the multiple-choose menu code handy,
but I wonder if the presentation type's present method should be
checking for output position (rather than the code that is doing the
PRESENTs, for example).


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