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Re: help for editing text

     I just tried using "John G. Aspinall" on a DecStation using Clim 1.1 in
Lucid.  The only modification I made was to change the #\newline activation
character to be:

        (clim:with-activation-characters ('(#\control-\x) :override t)

So, I enter some text and type Control-x to exit.  This seems to work fine,
except when you hit 2 or more returns in a row.  The first return moves
the cursor to the beginning of the next line, but the next returns only 
moves the cursor down a fraction of a line on the screen.  Also, if you
use Control-P to move up a few lines and then hit return a couple of times,
the screen starts overwriting itself and gets stuck.
     Has anyone else who's used this function run into this problem?  Is
it something that's fixed in Clim 2?


        Erik Eilerts
        University of Texas at Austin


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