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Additional keyword arguments to clim:present

[ Allegro CL 4.1, CLIM 1.1, Sun Sparc 1+ ]

Is it possible to provide additional keyword arguments to clim:present methods
beyond those already specified?  I'd really like to use draw-text* in some of
my methods and pass in the x and y coordinates and the :align-x and :align-y
keywords.  Is this possible?  Or desirable?

I can always write normal functions to draw the objects and use 
clim:with-output-as-presentation inside the functions, but I don't like this
option as much.  These objects are each displayed twice: once in a graph and
once in a textual list.  Thus, I'm using two different views and presentation
methods which specialize on the views to determine how to draw the objects.

Further to this, is there a way to specify the clim:stream-default-view of a 
pane?  A keyword in clim:define-application-frame would be nice.  Am I missing
something somewhere?  I'm currently just using setf on clim:stream-default-view
in my display function.

Thanks for any help.  If this is all too confusing, I can try to provide some
code snippets which might clear things up a bit.


Randy A. Coulman                |       ARIES Laboratory
                                |       Department of Computational Science             |       University of Saskatchewan
                                |       Saskatoon, SK   S7N 0W0             


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