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Re: apparent omission of a layout pane class

  Date: Tue, 6 Oct 92 17:04:00 PDT
  From: Bill York <>

  It's only omitted in the sense that there isn't a high-level, built-in
  language for laying out panes in bboard fashion (as there is for
  row-column fashion).  This is mostly because there is no need for one,
  as there are no constraints to specify.

Thanks for your detailed example.  I guess I should have asked earlier!

I echo your sentiments on the documentation.  The only thing it says
regarding open-window-stream is, "The lowest-level primitive for
creating a CLIM window."  I saw no indication of its utility until
your example.

It is true that a BulletinBoard has no constraints, but there is a
higher level Motif thing called a Form widget that is like a BulletinBoard
except that there are constraints to help resize gracefully.  I
don't think it would be that hard to extend the :layout language of clim 2
to handle such things.

    (vertically ()
		(0.05 menu-bar)
                (.95 (forming (display)
                        (:x .25 :y .25 :width .5 :height .5 selections))))))

This would have a menu-bar across the top, with a pane called "display"
covering the rest.  At 1/4 of the way down and to the right of the origin
of "display" would be a pane called "selections".  



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