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   Date: Wed, 7 Oct 92 12:39:02 CST
   From: (Randy Coulman)

   >   Date: Wed, 7 Oct 92 11:12:51 CST
   >   From: Randy Coulman <>
   >   I have an application which requires that certain data be loaded from files 
   >   before the user does anything else.  What I would like to do is pop up an
   >   accepting values window before the top-level read-eval-print loop starts, but
   >   after everything is displayed on screen.  
   >Yes, default-frame-top-level does the pane redisplay (each time around
   >the loop, in fact).  You can display the panes yourself at the
   >beginning of your top-level by:
   >      (redisplay-frame-panes frame :force-p t)

   This helps.  All my panes get displayed (except for scroll-bars), but I get
   the following error when I try to do the accepting values (comments below are
   my annotations):

   Error: No methods applicable for generic function
	  (#<EXCL::BIDIRECTIONAL-TERMINAL-STREAM @ #x6695e6>) of classes
     [condition type: PROGRAM-ERROR]

   ;;; I assume this means that something is not quite set up yet.

Sorry, I meant to tell you that the other thing that the
default-top-level does is establish bindings for *standard-output*,
*standard-input*, etc.  You should be able to use

(let ((stream (get-frame-pane frame 'some-pane)))

instead of *standard-output*.  Let me know if that works.



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