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Re: Mouse documentation inside a TRACKING-POINTER

> I can't figure out a way to provide mouse documentation to the user
> while running inside a TRACKING-POINTER form.

> On page 360 of the CLIM manual, it says that
> CLIM:*POINTER-DOCUMENTATION-OUTPUT* is bound to "a stream to which
> pointer documentation should be written".  Inside my application frame
> command loop, it is bound to T, which defaults to one of the
> application panes in my frame (not the mouse doc stream).  I've also
> tried to use the :POINTER-DOCUMENTATION pane type, without success (I
> get some error about DUMMY-MOUSE-DOC-PANE, or something like that ---
> I can check this out more carefully if needed).

Oops!  I forgot to mention the platform I'm using: CLIM 1.1, Genera

> [rest deleted]

-- Rodney


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