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Pane management in clim 2

I am having a little trouble translating your bboard code into clim 2.
Perhaps you could give me a few clues.  The spec is my only guide,
and it hasn't been much help.

Your code for creating a pane went like this:

  (let* ((frame *application-frame*)
	 (bboard (get-frame-pane frame 'bboard)))
    ;; Get an x/y location to create the inferior window.
    (multiple-value-bind (win x y) (get-button-press bboard)
      (declare (ignore win))
      ;; Make the pane there.
      (let ((pane (open-window-stream :parent bboard :left x :top y 
				      :width 100 :height 100
				      :input-buffer (stream-input-buffer bboard))))
	(push pane (bboard-inferiors frame)) ; remember it
	(window-expose pane)		; see it
	(force-output bboard))))

Although open-window-stream works in clim 2.0.alpha, it gave me something
that had no applicable method for WINDOW-EXPOSE.  So I want to know
how to make a pane, parent it, size it, position it, and expose it.

Thanks in advance,

jeff morrill

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