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I'm using CLIM 1.1 under Allegro 4.1 on a Sparc.  I'm pretty new to
CLIM, and I fear this question may arise from basic ignorance.

I am trying to figure out a way to incrementally modify the output of
FORMAT-GRAPH-FROM-ROOTS.  I'd like to avoid the overhead of redrawing
the graph from scratch each time one of the constituent nodes changes
state (prompting a minor change in its presentation).  Naively, then,
I proceeded to save the top-level record returned by FORMAT-GRAPH and
then later (after the change) call REDISPLAY on this record.  This
fails since there is no method implemented for
This seems reasonable since, e.g., (SUBTYPEP
returns NIL.

Is there a straightforward mechanism for creating graphs and then
later changing the node presentations?  Is there a way to tell
FORMAT-GRAPH to use the output recording stuff?  Failing these, does
it make sense to try to monkey around with the output records that are
generated after the fact?

Thanks for any assistance.



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