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   Date: Tue, 20 Oct 92 13:10:44 MDT
   From: Robin Kladke (303) 977-9760 <>

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   So, you can do what you suggested and write your own version of
   menu-choose, or you can do something like the (Lucid-specific) kludge
   I am including below.  The function size-menu-appropriately is called
   by the menu-choose-from-drawer code.  The basic ideas is that you can
   intercept that call and fiddle with the :WIDTH and :HEIGHT options.

[example using advice removed]

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   Anyone have a similar kludge for Genera 8.1.1 (CLIM 1.1)?

Genera has an advice facility as well.  Look in volumn 4.  You need to
use :AROUND advice and modify ARGLIST before the :DO-IT form.  I don't
have a lispm handy, so I can't write the whole thing for you.



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