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    Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1992 11:36 EDT
    From: Clinton Hyde <>

    Allegro CL 4.1
    CLIM 1.1
    Sparc 2

    i'm using open-window-stream, and discovering that the initargs :left
    and :top appear to have little/no effect on window placement. aren't
    they supposed to position the upper-left corner of the window at those
    coordinates? (relative to the root, of course)

    if not, what actually does? I need to place some windows very exactly
    (part of the problem seems to be that subsequent windows 'tile'
    diagonally, which I absolutely DO NOT want--this will be disconcerting
    to our customers).

I think the standard quesiton is, what window manager are you using?

    this work is for creating progress-indicator windows, which I'll
    donate as soon as I'm happy with them. they're vaguely similar to the
    mac-style progress windows, with a percentage-bar and some descriptive
    text. the fn-calls are similar to the genera fns noting-progress and
    related things.

CLIM 2 already has progresss note indicators, by the way.

     -- clint

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