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Re: lisp window

   From: Erik Eilerts <>
   Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1992 14:14:50 -0600
   X-Mailer: Mail User's Shell (7.2.3 5/22/91)

       Oh, I'm using Lucid Lisp with Clim 1.1 on a DecStation.  

	I tried redefining my *terminal-io* to be a window in an application
   frame and a regular window created by open-window-stream, but in both
   cases, I got the following message when an error occured:

     Nasty recursive error in debugger.
     Debugger panicking due to recursive errors, using the initial-io stream
     >>Error: Stream #<CLIM::CLX-WINDOW /x 0:600 y 0:374/ 110ADD5E> is not 
       open for input.

	So, I image it's not as easy to redefine *terminal-io* in Lucid as it
   is on the Symbolics.

shouldn't you instead be redefining *standard-output*,
*standard-input*, and *error-output* ?
in addition, your error suggests that the window that you bound
*terminal-io* to did not support input; I'm not sure what kind of
stream you'll get with open-window-stream.

   >> (Clinton Hyde)
   >>      as a simple guess, you need to redefine where a lot of i/o streams go,
   >> and have them point to each user's windows. we're going to be doing

	How do you make an i/o stream point to a user's window?

(let ((*standard-output* pane-1)
      (format t ...
   >> this ourselves (just as you describe) shortly. it seems that the
   >> simple thing is for each user to have their frame explicitly name the
   >> x-host and display number, so that their clim window goes to their
   >> machine. other streams have to be rebound as well, and we haven't done
   >> that yet.

Clint and I haven't talked about this, but I haven't gotten this to
work (running an application in the same image with a host/display
on an arbitrary platform using the :host :display options to a :clx
root-window).  However, it wasn't a controlled experiment, since it
was run from within a lisp image that may have been munged by another
database application. 





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