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changing the mouse-glyph

I'd like to change the mouse glyph occasionally. in particular, I want
a spinning watch or rotating something-or-other, to show 'app-busy'
sort of things to the user. I've looked at the pointer object for a
window, it's not very indicative of what happens. there's a slot
called CURSOR-PATTERN which is unbound (it's a slot for a window, such
as the root, and NOT a slot for a frame, which is consistent with the
CLX docs).

I would like to understand what happens with the cursor-pattern, if
anything, how to change <something> to get the 'busy' indicator, and
how to make the default be a larger arrow (I have the feeling our
customers are going to be happier with a larger arrow).

if the 'cursor-pattern' slot of a 'clim::standard-pointer held a
clim:pattern thingie, would it be drawn as the mouse-glyph? (the book
is not clear on the make-pattern stuff, with one example that makes
sense after a while)

my CLX book says you can (SETF (xlib:WINDOW-CURSOR win)
-some-new-cursor-) but I haven't tried that, since I don't know what
the cursor should be...

any suggestions? I may just try creating a pattern and a new std-ptr
and stuff it into a window and see what happens. I have this feeling
that isn't quite good enough, however...

 -- clint


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