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Re: changing the mouse-glyph

  Date: Thu, 29 Oct 92 14:08:30 EST
  From: Clinton Hyde <>
  my CLX book says you can (SETF (xlib:WINDOW-CURSOR win)
  -some-new-cursor-) but I haven't tried that, since I don't know what
  the cursor should be...

CLIM 2 has functionality for this, but that probably won't do you
a hell of a lot of good.
Try something like this in clim 1: (untested!)

(defun set-frame-cursor (frame cursor)
  (setf (xlib:window-cursor
            (slot-value (clim:frame-top-level-window frame) 'clim::window))

CURSOR should be created using something like xlib:create-cursor
or xlib:create-glyph-cursor.  Don't forget to call xlib:free-cursor
when you are done with it.

Note also that you aren't changing the cursor for the whole display,
only for the specified clim frame.



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