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Re: changing the mouse-glyph

;; Here's how I set the mouse cursor in clim 1.1 under xlib

(in-package 'clim-user)

(defun WATCH-CURSOR ()
  ;; Do  "xfd -fn cursor -center" to see other chars in the cursor font.
  (xlib:create-glyph-cursor :source-font clim::*cursor-font* :source-char #x96
			    :mask-font clim::*cursor-font* :mask-char #x97
			    :foreground (xlib:make-color :red 0 :green 0 :blue 0)
			    :background (xlib:make-color :red 1 :green 1 :blue 1)))

(defun SET-WINDOW-CURSOR (window cursor)
  ;; window is a clim window.
  (setf (xlib:window-cursor (slot-value window 'clim::window)) cursor))



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